Call for submissions: Fish and wildlife habitat films

A team from NFHP and the Fish Habitat Section of AFS are organizing a film festival for the joint AFS/TWS annual meeting taking place in Reno September 29-October 3, 2019 ( They are looking for film submissions to help convey the many benefits that come from supporting the habitat needs of our treasured fish and wildlife.

Reno-vating Habitat for Fish and Wildlife: A Film Festival Highlighting Collaborative Habitat Conservation and Its Benefits is a 2-day session that will feature films showcasing examples where resource practitioners and others come together to protect, restore and enhance freshwater, coastal and terrestrial habitats that support the needs of fish and wildlife. This unique session will use film to share the stories capturing how landowners, anglers, hunters, volunteers, local communities, tribes, federal and state agencies, scientists and others are working together across the country to solve challenges and successfully conserve many of America’s treasured species. Film categories will include fish and wildlife habitat conservation projects, target on-the-ground restoration examples, and include other films that capture the dynamic landscapes and unique habitats that are home to our fish and wildlife. This session is intended to offer a unique opportunity for meeting attendees to collaborate and learn about successful conservation stories from across the country. 

It is envisioned that films will be shown at a minimum of one time during the festival event, and depending upon the total amount of films collected, films may be shown more than once to accommodate multiple viewing opportunities over the course of the allowed symposia timeframe. In addition, a selection of films may be shown one night during the week to the public at a local venue in the Reno area.

Film submission guidelines and the submission information form are attached; the film submission information form is due April 1, 2019.

Please contact Deborah Hart (Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership, /907-723-0258) or Tom Lang, (AFS Fish Habitat Section, for more details.