Sagebrush Steppe Land Trusts works with City of American Falls on Trails

Talks are in the early stages for building a walking and biking trail system from Seagull Bay to Massacre Rocks State Park. The plan was developed in City of American Falls scoping sessions held earlier this year.

People come from miles around to mountain bike on trails near Massacre Rocks, said American Falls Mayor Marc Beitia. Trails around the state park are usually open to winter use, so increasing the biking trails may increase the number of tourists around the area in the winter months, he said. The trail can be used by hikers and birders as well.

American Falls City officials met with Jerry DeBacker with the Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust at the end of March to discuss the possibility of the trail. The trust sets up easements for conservation projects on private land using IRS regulations that allow for easements, and recreation is one of the easements allowed, DeBacker said. The trust would negotiate with private landowners for the easement rights to the property, he said. Read More